Benefit of DMIT

Benefit of DMIT

Understand why some patterns of relationship keep recurring

  • Aware of the different areas in your brain that is under or over emphasized.
  • Understand your child's innate personality and how to apply the right approach in child learning.
  • Apply the right education for your child without causing UNNECESSARY stress or conflicts which can have life long implications.
  • Bring to focus your child's talent which you are unaware of and develop it.
  • As a guide in choosing the undergraduate programs or career.
  • Know your staff's personality traits and helps in human resource planning.

Born Genius

Every child can not become a Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant or a Lawyer but every child can surely become "SOMETHING" (Born Genius Talent). What is that "SOMETHING" (Born Genius Talent) ? Find out your Born Genius Talent with DMIT report.


Every person has different personality and behaviour. Eagle-Dominant, Aggressive, Bold, Independent. Peacock-Influential, Showy, Enthusiastic. Dove-Steady, People Oriented & Team Player. Owl-Compliant, Perfectionist & Analytical.

Level Of Multiple

Every Child is born with 8 intelligences
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Visual Intelligence
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Naturalist Intelligence

Brain Dominance

Left Brain
  • Analysis
  • Calculations
  • Numbers
  • Logic
  • Grammar
  • Research
Right Brain
  • Colours
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Creativity
  • Imges
  • Arts

Preferred Learning style

Every person learn by following different styles: Visual Learner-Learn by seeing. Auditory Learner- Learn by listening. Kinesthetic Learner- Learn by doing. How do you learn?

My Quotient

Every person has 4 different Quotients: IQ-Intelligence Quotient EQ-Emotional Quotient CQ-Creative Quotient AQ-Adversity Quotient Even a weak IQ person can do extremely well in so many areas. Find out the level of your all above Quotients with DMIT report.

Learning Sensibility & ATD

How quick do you learn? Are you born to be an Athelete? ATD Angle < 35 degree - Born Athelete. Find out your learning Sensibility and ATD angle with DMIT report.

Career Option

Do you know which is most rewarding career for you? Make the right move in your career. Find out the right career option for you with DMIT report.


Know your weak area and develop it. Find out the remedies for all the challenging issues.

  • From 0-3 years old, the emotional area develops rapidly. Knowing a toddler's potentials at the early age help parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods.
  • Understand their inborn characteristic (curious, aggressive, rebellious and persistent etc.
  • Understand and develop an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style.
  • Understand and develop an effective interaction method with your child.
  • Eliminate the 'trial and error' situations with identifying and nurturing talents.
  • Minimize time and financial commitments on unnecessary courses.
  • Boost student's self-confidence.
  • Strengthen parental bonds.
  • Provide your child with a happy childhood.
  • Determine their personal style of learning and inborn characteristics.
  • Identify their innate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalize education programs according to their abilities.
  • Can be used as a reference for subject and course selections.
  • Discover your own abilities and choose right career path Identify and develop your core competencies.
  • Identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles.
  • Improve your relationship with your loved ones.
  • Rekindle your passion for living and revive dreams from the past.
  • Invest wisely in suitable self-development programs.
  • Assess your EQ, IQ, AQ, and CQ.
  • Plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams.
  • Understand your Strengths & Limitation and Optimize.
  • Create an all-star workforce.
  • Reorganize your workforce for better performance.
  • HR training and development.
  • Find the right person for the right job.
  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Entrust your employee who has the most potential.
  • Discover employees' potentials, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate your managers' performances and core competencies.