Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training

I-Max Nursery Teacher Training Program

Pre-primary, nursery or early childhood education is the most significant phase of one's education. Good nursery education provides a solid foundation for the child's physical, instinctual and emotional growth. Ideally, a nursery program provides a stimulating environment to enhance the overall growth of a child. Objectives of a nursery program are to prepare the child for primary school education. It also emphasizes and focuses on the interaction, participation and group activities and penetrates creative and problem-solving skills in a child. Although structured, by and large, nursery education is flexible according to the needs of the child. Thus, while nursery education inculcates discipline in the child, it doesn't traumatize the child with its severity.

A Nursery teacher is the real torchbearer of the above-said ideals. No child development plan can be successful in a nursery school unless the teacher responsible for imparting the education is well-versed with the theory and principles of that program and the factors of the developmental patterns of a child's personality. Here the Nursery Teacher Training Plan steps in.


  • The development and understanding of principles of various aspects of the child enrolled in the nursery education program.
  • To train them to plan activities and need-based education programs according to the child's capacity and mentality retention power.
  • To develop understanding of using and preparing various tools and techniques of child's education .
  • To understand the impact of parents family and society in large on the development of child's personality and learning capacity.
  • To make them familiar with the methods equipments and materials in nursery teaching.
Eligibility criteria for admission in NPTT 18 Months Diploma Course
1. Senior/ higher secondary or equivalent examination passed with minimum 45% marks.
2. Age 17 to 45yrs
3. 5% relaxation in minimum marks for SC/ST/ and physically challenged.

The course will be divided into four semesters. Of these, the first and the second will be dedicated to theory classes, the third will include practical lessons, and the fourth and final will comprise on job training. Theory exams will be held at the end of the first and the second semesters, while there will be a practical exam at the end of the third semester. At the end of the fourth semester, there will be mock classes and viva. Students will submit their practical files after completion of on-job training. Final evaluation will be based on mock classes and interview. The final result will be based on the marks of all four semesters. To get the diploma, students have to clear all the four exams. Students can appear for the next semester without clearing the previous semester but they will have to clear it in order to get the finals results. Examination fee for re-appearing in semester exams will be charged separately. There will be no marks for the on-job training. However, it is mandatory to get the diploma. It is advisable for the student to complete their on-job training sincerely and be regular in this regard, as it will affect their performance in the mock class.

First Semester

  • Child Psychology
  • Child Care and Health
  • Sociology and Guidance
  • School Organization
  • Assignment & Term Exam

Second Semester

  • Principles of Organization
  • Educational Psychology
  • Modern Methods of Teaching
  • Methods of Teaching Subjects and Computer Education
  • Assignment & Term Exam

Third Semester

  • Lesson Plan and Teaching
  • Art and Craft
  • Art files and other files
  • Preparation for teaching Aids (Rhymes, Action Songs, Speech and Computer)
  • Viva Voce
  • Assignment & Term Exam
  • Assignment & Term Exam

Fourth Semester

  • Methodology of Teaching Hindi / English
  • Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
  • Methodology of Teaching Science
  • Methodology of Teaching Social Science
  • Methods of Teaching Creative Art & Craft
  • Internal Assessment
  • Assignment & Term Exam

Fifth Semester

  • School Management
  • Computer Literature
  • Computer Practical
  • Computer Practical
  • Communication Skill & Personality Development
  • Assignment & Term Exam

Sixth Semester

  • Mock Class
  • Classroom Management live
  • Interview
  • Job Training
  • Final Assignment & Term Exam